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What is LifeCraft?
LifeCraft is a server for everyone! We mainly focus on Survival where you can play with your friends, but also on your own! Nowadays we have started to expand a bit more, every now and then we add some fun games and a new gamemode; Skyblock! 


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Survival is a gamemode where you have to survive with your friends or on your own to stay afloat! Can you do that?

Show off your building skills to make a beautiful house or garden! Something you will love of course!



This gamemode consists of one sky island from which you must survive and survive, chop down your tree and make a workbench and create your own island to your liking! Make sure you don't fall down, otherwise your belongings will be lost! 



Spleef is a fun game from which you have to chop/shovel away snow with a bow or a shovel. There is also a game where the snow melts! Try to be the last one left from the group you're battled with! If you win, you deserve a reward! Even if you lost! 


Will I see you in the server? Our version is 1.12.2


Our IP: (:25565)

Voting on our server is of course also possible! And here you also earn some extra's: Items, In-Game Money and VoteKey's.

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